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Brand Strategy

We specialize in creating fearless brand strategies that propel brands to new heights and ensure continual relevance and market leadership, regardless of the industry.

Social Media​​

A strong social media presence can help convert a potential customer, bring back old customers or keep existing customers aligned with your brand.


Our SEO agency experts live and breathe the world of code utilizing best practices to make your business rank ahead of the competition.

Google Ads

An entire network of advertising options exist outside of traditional social and search platforms. From content to native to video and streaming, the possibilities are endless.

Digital Consulting ​​

Your digital media strategy will generally be part of a bigger picture we can help you determine exactly how this piece fits into the overall puzzle.

Landing Pages

Our team of talented landing page designers harness the know-how to curate stunning pages that sway audiences to engage with your business.

Web Design​

Custom design, development and content for your website from a qualified agency.

Content Marketing​

Our copywriting specialists will create, curate and construct beautiful copy that is tailor made to drive your business goals.

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Integrity at Murphz Lawz Creative is not just about being honest in the most critical of situations or having strong moral principles. Every campaign is executed with your company’s best interests at heart and every decision is made with you well-informed.

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The performance of your campaigns with Murphyz Lawz Creative are naturally of the upmost importance. After all, without results, what’s the point? This importance extends as far as our team being the first to tell some customers that we don’t believe we can deliver and adopting a no-contract trial period policy for all enquiries.

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Every member of our digital marketing team is entrusted to produce exceptional results that boost your company’s profit, brand awareness and exposure. But that does not mean that we hide behind our desks and sophisticated technology. We deliver, we communicate, we report thoroughly and we own it. Even our mistakes.

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With so many social media platforms available, you’ve likely wondered which one’s the best for business marketing.

Some of the most popular platforms for brand development and marketing include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

However, there’s no single platform that’s best for all businesses. For example, it’s impossible to say that your business should choose Facebook over any other type of social media platform.

While Facebook has been extremely popular for brand promotion, it’s not necessarily right for every type of brand, and it’s not always right for every type of customer.

Choosing the best social media platform for your business

Your best bet, when it comes to social media marketing, is to choose the platform that’s the best fit for your brand.

This includes evaluating the platforms to see if your customer base is there, whether or not they’re engaging with brands, and if the platform fits the personality of your brand.

For instance, if your brand seeks to appeal mainly to millennial women, Instagram should be one of your top choices. This platform tends to attract more women than men, and more people under the age of 25 than other platforms.

Alternatively, if you’re a B2B brand, you’re going to find more success on LinkedIn, which is a platform that appeals primarily to professionals and brands looking to connect with other professionals.


always right for every type of customer.

It is crucial to be present on social media but don’t commit to too many platforms. Start with one and be amazing at it. Then find the next one you can be amazing at without losing your momentum on the first.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process by which a website is optimized to perform better and rank higher in relevant searches. Content marketing, on the other hand, is a subset of inbound marketing that involves moving a website visitor through the sales funnel by offering them helpful, interesting, or convincing content pieces.

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, more than 65% of small businesses are on social media to increase leads.

But the biggest advantage of using social media isn’t just the leads. It’s the ability to generate highly qualified leads through advanced targeting.

Is print dead? The truth is, it depends. Of course, “it depends” seems like a silly answer, but this is because “print” is too broad a term.

When you say print, you could mean print advertising, such as magazines or news print, direct mail pieces, or several other forms of targeted delivery. Print is also used in reference to the general world of sales and marketing collateral such as sales / product sheets or brochures.

In this instance, we’re talking about the printed collateral that is critical for marketing and selling your products or services. Yes, the days of hauling around massive binders of product sheets are gone.

Many of the road-warrior sales representatives are happier, too. However, printed leave behinds or capability brochures are still absolutely critical.


Just start! Whether its a social media page or web blog. We will walk you through your goals and see what best suites your needs. 


Murphyz Lawz Creative offers a one-stop shop for online marketing and advertising services. 

In an industry filled with social media noise, we understand that cutting through the noise can prove somewhat difficult. 

Murphyz Lawz Creative continues to deliver a service that surpasses industry norms. Take a look at some of our current clients who are reaping the rewards within their industry. 

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